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Our Vision is to help each person follow their true passion through self-awareness and nature to improve mental wellness.  We aim to give others a strong sense of self, building self-esteem and a deep connection to nature.  We hope to help bring community together. 

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*Spring Forest School Openings Feb/March 2020

*Fall Forest School Registration May 2020

*Transformational Weekend June 5,6,7th (adults)

*For Ongoing Sound and Breath work sessions please contact or watch FB or instagram for postings. 

Our Latest News

Our Latest News

I've been off my game the past few weeks; one thousand apologies for the delay in blogging! Is it just me? Maybe. Lately, it's been a real struggle to keep up with the demands of life. The grass is bordering on offensively long status and our laundry backlog mocks me d...

Can anyone else believe that we are halfway through the month of May? As we slip into the last month and a half of Forest School, I thought it would be helpful to provide everyone with a *Cheat Sheet* for really maximizing the time your kids have left. This list is by...

How would you like to come undone? Does that sound appealing in any way? "Undoing" is perhaps the most accurate word I've heard to describe the impact of a Soundbath Meditation. I give full credit to Forest School Tree-nager student, Madison Steadwell. See, that was he...

Sometimes in life we can find it a challenge to keep up. Demands on our time are incessant -- from work pressures, to household operations to our busy children... the struggle is real! It's at times like this that I know I'm due for some outside therapy. 

But I nev...

The birds are chirping, your dog is tracking mud into the house and the snow is revealing a promise that the lawn mower will be within reach shortly. That's right -- Spring is finally here! Many of us have found it to be a long (and bloody cold) Winter; so much so that...


The sound of children laughing rippled through the woods, as I trundled down the frozen path towards the firepit. Along the way, I was greeted with smiling faces and rosy cheeks. “Excuse me, who are you?” said a precocious little one. “Oh, hello there! I’m Saffy’s Mom...

As a grown woman smack in the chaos of midlife, I intuitively know that the cure for any bad day is to simply get outside. A walk in the woods is soul restoring goodness! The smells of nature… the sounds of the critters… the warm embrace of the pine boughs canopied ove...

March 1, 2018

Benefits of Mindfulness http://www.mindfulkidsandfamilies.com/mindfulness/:

  • Body and Emotion regulation: when our bodies and emotions are balanced and appropriate in our lives

  • Insight: “self-knowing awareness”…this is key to building positive social connections


February 15, 2018

Guess what! We are the creators of our own lives.  Let's do this! Watch how Heather and Tash can cook up some fabulous ideas!

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