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Forest Therapy

The Scientifically backed Japanese Tradition of "Forest Bathing" or "Shinrin Yo Ku is in essence a slow mindful walk through the forest.  It has been found to improve physical and mental health.  Through a series of invitations, you will slow down, awaken your senses, and connect with the forest in a deeply personal way.  Sessions are 1-3 hours. Group bookings and individual sessions available. 
Sound Therapy

Group and Individual Sessions.  Lie down, relax and rejuvinate. Experience a variety of instruments such as Singing Bowls, flutes, gongs, chimes and drums.  Let the vibrations heal you from within.   

Parent and Baby Yoga
0-1 yr.

 Try some restorative and Hatha to revive your soul. Listen to singing bowls and song. Bring baby for bonding and deep connection. We will organize if you have a group of moms interested.

Sprouting Seeds
1-3 yrs.

Parent and Child Drop in Program at the Baggage Arts Building in the Marina.  Play starts outside 10am Mondays, then continues indoors for free play and ends off with mindfulness circle activities.  

New! We are now offering  Drop off programming for 2-3 yrs! This will be part of Sprouting Seeds! Check out link! 

Our School Programs

Our School programs focus on teaching mindfulness, self-awareness and emotion regulation within the framework of the Forest School Canada Model.  Students attend once or twice per week.  

Summer Camp

Summer Camp like it should be! Deep in the Forest surrounded in Nature.  Each day we will accomplish a major project.  We will whittle wooden hammers, build a chair, create a flute, forage teas and medicines, build  shelters and much more! Register for a full week before it fills up! Bus and snack included! 

Buds 3-4 yRs

Our Buds play and learn in the forest with 2 teachers. They sing, create and follow their hearts. 

Roots 5-6 yrs

Our Roots play, explore and learn in the forest.  They are group leaders for our Buds.

Branches 7-12 yrs

Our Branches are holding deeper discussions about how they feel.  Choices are given for learning.

Tree-Nagers 13+yrs

Our Tree-nagers guide their own learning.  We discuss emotions and life while creating projects of their choice. 

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