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Welcome to a world where we teach mindfulness and connect to the earth so it becomes as natural as breathing.  

Natasha Pang Robertson

Meet Our Staff

Natasha Pang Robertson

Founder, Natasha is dedicated to helping others find their true nature within. She is a certified teacher of 18 years, certified forest therapist, sound therapist and certified Forest School Canada Teacher all in one! Natasha has completed numerous mindfulness trainings and Vipassana. 

Emily Seminowicz

Naturally born to be a Forest School Teacher.  She is one amazing gal.  What a beautiful soul. We love her so much.  She inspires us every day.  She has a wit with the children and has completed numerous mindfulness courses.  She has attended a Silent Vipassana Retreat in Thailand. Emily has science and biology background and is a certified teacher. 

Jessica Fiorito

This kind gentle mother has so much creativity and love for others within. She is the pure essence of love and is a magician when it comes to ideas for preschoolers and wee ones. Jessica is a certified Teacher and ECE as well as the head of the Vegan Alliance.

Meagan Ross

The Rock of our community with a passion for helping communities grow.  Including work with Roots to Harvest and the Thunder Bay Symphony. She does much of our behind the scenes work.

Samantha Plavins

Samantha, our volunteer Blog Writer extraordinaire has a deep passion for writing.  And she should because she superb at it! She has some lofty dreams and we don't doubt that she will accomplish them allm since she has already climbed a 20,000 foot mountain. You will feel inspired within minutes of meeting her. 

     Shannon Henley

A beautiful kind loving teacher and mother.  She is like no other. So compassionate and caring.  We are so honoured to have her part of our team. She has completed courses in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions, as well as attended a two-week silent vipassana retreat. Shannon is a certified teacher and well known actress in the community. 

Sara-Kim Moran

Sara-Kim is a Reiki Master,  yoga teacher and Sound Healer. She sings opera, jazz and can create a magical space for you to relax in.  Namaste.

Kiersten Mosley

Our fabulous and creative designer.  She has natural talent and has a heart for giving.  Kiersten created her own Graphic Design Consulting Business after moving her from Toronto to have more time with her daughter.  

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