Tash and Amy’s 10 Week Transformation is here! Our Vision is to support each other in a more purposeful and balanced life. In the next ten weeks we will work on some of the slices in TNA’s POWER PIE! Our mind, soul, personal

development, body, nutrition and life balance!


Get ready for a full mind and body transformation! You will need to work hard! But we know you can do it!!! It will be 10 weeks of hard work and discipline. You have got this because we have got you! We have been where you are before. The beginning is the scariest part. Just think of how you will feel when you finish this challenge! POWERFUL! HEALTHY! REFRESHED! SUCCESSFUL!


ThIs transformational program Includes:

Strength workouts
HIIT Workouts
Cardio Guide
Vegetarian Meal Plan Ideas
Mindset Tips and Guidance
Breath Exercises/Breathwork
Soundhealing and Breathwork Session

Energy Balancing Session

Exclusive Private Facebook Group
(with ongoing posts, videos and advice)

Access to coaches for 10 Weeks!

You receive valuable guidance from our Master Coaches Amy and Tash! Real women who have turned their lives around! Get ready for your summer body! Get your superhero self out and rock this TurnAround with us!

Ten Turns 10 WEEK Turn Around

C$750.00 Regular Price
C$259.00Sale Price