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Our School Programs

Our School programs focus on teaching mindfulness, meditation,  self-awareness and emotion regulation within the framework of the Forest School Canada Model.  Students attend once or twice per week.  

New! Pre-school!

Sprouts (2-3 Years)

Morning Drop off program at the Baggage Arts Centre in the Marina.  Please let us know if full day interests you.  

Buds 3-4 yRs

Our Buds play and learn in the forest with two teachers. They sing, create and follow their hearts. 

Roots 5-6 yrs

Our Roots play, explore and learn in the forest.  They are group leaders for our Buds.

Branches 7-12 yrs

Our Branches are holding deeper discussions about how they feel.  Choices are given for learning.

Tree-Nagers 13+yrs

Our Tree-nagers guide their own learning.  We discuss emotions and life while creating projects of their choice. 

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