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Forest School, Forest Therapy, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy... what more could you want?!

The birds are chirping, your dog is tracking mud into the house and the snow is revealing a promise that the lawn mower will be within reach shortly. That's right -- Spring is finally here! Many of us have found it to be a long (and bloody cold) Winter; so much so that we might have been hibernating a wee bit? Confession: I've been hunkered down far too long, but the time for hiding under the covers is over!

If you've been itching to get outside and also feeling the pull to bring a greater sense of mindfulness to your weekly grind, Roots & Branches Forest School has just the prescription you didn't even realize you needed.

Did you know that the forest is not just for animals and children alike? Unlock the healing powers of nature through Forest Therapy, now offered through Roots & Branches Forest School in sessions of varying length (usually 1-3 hours). Also known as "Forest Bathing", this scientifically proven Japanese tradition will slow down your mind, heighten your senses and reconnect you to Mother Earth. Rediscover who you are, what makes you tick, and what your heart longs for in this guided walk through the woods. Some profound revelations have come out of Forest Therapy; what will yours be?

Just in case you're one of those "slow-to-warm-to-nature" peeps, Roots & Branches Forest School has created an alternative therapeutic session to help soothe the soul and rejuvenate your tired-out brain. Sound Therapy produces ethereal, uncommon vibrations and tones through singing bowls, flutes, drums and recently added... the gong! In fact, Natasha has just returned from New York where she earned certification from an accredited Gong Therapist.

I myself have benefited on numerous occasions from Sound Therapy; there is just something hypnotic and calming with the gong. It's like the vibrations reach inside and yank out all the yuck from the stress of that long, crazy day. If you're curious at all, check back frequently as Natasha hopes to offer an "Open Sound Bath Night", which I'm betting would be a phenomenal introduction to Sound Therapy.

So with all these new programs in development, you may be asking, how DOES she have the time to create them? Between nurturing her original "baby", Forest School, and meeting all the usual demands of motherhood, Natasha is one busy lady. But the key to much of her success is adopting the art of Mindfulness in her everyday life. This means that if you're having a conversation with her, you can be assured you have her undivided attention. It means giving her full energy to the people and tasks at hand, and honouring the moment before it passes. Indeed mindfulness is knitted into all the programs offered at Roots & Branches Forest School.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that tomorrow is never promised. You'll have to just trust me on this one. The gift of THIS moment is what we're blessed with, and savouring all of its possibilities and potential means really squeezing more out of life.

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