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I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations...

How would you like to come undone? Does that sound appealing in any way? "Undoing" is perhaps the most accurate word I've heard to describe the impact of a Soundbath Meditation. I give full credit to Forest School Tree-nager student, Madison Steadwell. See, that was her word... her immediate thought following one of the most incredible experiences I've ever participated in.

Under the protective tarp of the Roots & Branches yurt, six children, Miss Emily and myself donned our darkening eye masks and settled in for the scheduled Meditation that is part of the curriculum at Forest School. I was admittedly skeptical that some of the younger kids would be capable of lying still for the half hour session. It seems I would be wrong! ALL of us were entranced, transported to a happy, peaceful place as Miss Natasha led us in Meditation. The ensuing experience was ... otherworldly.

Our mantra was "You are safe". For some reason, I found myself wanting to cry as the ethereal vibrations of the gong passed over my body. Ripples of varying sound waves washed over all of us: from Tibetan Singing Bowls to rainmaker/wavemaker instruments and bells. There was a beating drum that mesmerized me, releasing a bucketload of tension with each dramatic pound. I had never experienced a Soundbath before and decided without any hesitation that I liked it. My body, mind and heart responded in ways that surprised me. Regular daily meditation is part of my morning practise but this was something ELSE altogether.

And the kids? What about them? In our circle talk following the meditation, I learned that each child took away something different. I was moved to hear young Cash express that in his meditation, he felt like he could really be "himself". Mya -- in her very direct and diplomatic way -- said it was creepy but she fell asleep, which she obviously needed. Everyone had a positive remark and my overall feeling was one of peacefulness. As weird as this may sound, there was a collective, tangible energy in that yurt that you could almost package up. And it was beautiful!

The good vibrations lasted the rest of the day for me. (Sometimes we don't realize what we need until we've already gone through it!) Roots & Branches will be offering Soundbath and Forest Therapy to corporate groups and others in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information :)

In the meantime, I snapped some pictures during my brief stay with the Wednesday Forest School group. These kids have stolen my heart.

These faces though.... :) #kidsofforestschool

Just some of the instruments used for our Soundbath.

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